Shelby + Shane :: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Engagement Photography

Shelby + Shane’s engagement session was the sweetest. We all traveled to Eau Claire on a Friday afternoon; Shane from Menominee, Shelby from North Dakota and me from Marshfield for their engagement session. We started out in downtown Eau Claire where Shelby and Shane snuggled on street benches and in doorways. They even got some shout-outs and congratulations from folks passing by 🙂 After that we headed to Boyd Park for a few more photos. We walked down along the Eau Claire River  and found a perfect half log for them to sit and cuddle on. Shane proposed to Shelby by a river, so it fit perfectly. The sun even peeked out just as it was setting and we were walking though tall fall grass. Could the timing have been any better? Probably not 🙂 Actually, everything about their session, from there smiles and giggles and their excitement to see each other was pretty much couldn’t have been any better! I hope you two have an amazing wedding day!!! Congratulations!!!


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