Kayla + James :: Munson Bridge Winery Wedding

Kayla + James were married on a beautiful Wisconsin fall day at Munson Bridge Winery. The September Saturday started chilly, but it was like the weather knew it had something to clear up for and just after Kayla arrived at the winery to get ready for her wedding day, the clouds whisked away and the sun came out. Kayla + James decorated every little corner of their wedding with cute antique stylings. From toy blocks stacked on vintage books to a silver platter filled with cheetos (loved that) and even a family heirloom wedding dress display, they thought of everything. Kayla even made her and her bridesmaid bouquets. And when I mean made, I mean crafted each individual flower! I especially loved the display they had from each married guest of their own wedding! What a beautiful idea to be surrounded by photos of so many strong marriages! And what better way to truly make your guests part of your wedding day.

Not only was Kayla + James wedding day beautiful, but it was so, so joyful. Kayla + James were so much fun to photograph during their winter engagement session and I knew their wedding day would be no different. They are the sweetest couple and their smiles are infectious. And they were smiling and giggling together all day. While they exchanged vows surrounded by family and friends, you could just see everyone smiling right along with them. Congratulations Kayla + James on your marriage! I hope you share as many smiles every day as you shared on your wedding day!

If you are wondering why James is holding  picture on a stick… it is a photo of his brother, Devin. Devin was unable to attend the wedding because he was at boot camp for the US Navy. Love of country runs deep in the McIntyre family and all three McIntyre boys are currently serving their country in the US Military!


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