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I loved getting my parent’s wedding album off the shelf, out of the box, and paging through it. They looked so young! They were also married in 1966 🙂 My mom’s bridesmaids, who were also my aunts, wore turquoise dresses and pill box hats. I liked hearing the stories of their wedding day, of who was who, and why that random girl was photobombing the photo of them on the steps of the church. A lot has changed with weddings and wedding photography in the past 50 years, but wedding albums are still the best way to preserve and share the story of your wedding day. It is truly an heirloom that represents the start of your family.

Last month I received two new beautiful sample wedding albums. These weren’t of my wedding, but I still loved paging through the albums and reliving the couple’s wedding day. I want my wedding couples to have a timeless way to treasure their wedding photos besides on a USB in a desk drawer. I want them to be able to cuddle on the couch with each other on their anniversary and relive their wedding day. I want their children to ask them stories about their family and the guests in the albums. And I want their grandchildren to learn the history of their family, and glance up at their grandparents to realize that they too once were young 🙂


Jamie + Dustin’s wedding was at Munson Bridge Winery. This sample album is leather in the color “canvas.” The pages for this album are in deep matte, which give the images a softer, less reflective look.

Laura and I designed her wedding album as a one year anniversary present. This sample album has a linen “charcoal” cover. The pages are luster and thinner. The luster gives the images more of a “pop”. Laura has impeccable taste and planned a gorgeous wedding at the Paper Discovery Center in Appleton.  Laura choose to incorporate a few southern touches in her wedding brought up to Wisconsin  from where they currently live, Georgia.

These linen and leather albums come in the square sizes of  8 x 8, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 with a minimum of a 10 page spread. They are available in various colors . The photos are printed on Fuji archival paper. Linen books are thinner and lighter, which make them a great option for  parent, engagement, or sign-in albums. The are more affordable than the leather albums, but they are just as lovely. These are a few examples of all the sample albums, including my own personal album. For more album examples, visit this blog post.


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