Cabin Living

I thought I would finally share a few photos from at the lake where we are living this summer and fall. I have more…. but I mostly have been shooting around here via. Instagram and my Holga. A Holga is a plastic film camera, sometimes called a “toy camera” with the focusing abilities of a mountain and a flower. So not much in the way of focusing abilities. It is the camera that I shoot a lot of my personal photo work with and used to blog with more frequently over at my old blog. But I love the way it looks and it is my favorite camera to take in the kayak or canoe.

My sister and her family came up north to visit us from London. It was great to have visitors and get to hang out with my nephews before the chaos of being at home in Iowa hit…. where there are six kids under six in one house for one week over the Fourth of July. It was also fun to experience summer by eating s’mores and campfires.


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