Favorite Thing :: Baby Albums

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is the job of  “memory keeper.” My babies won’t remember when they go their first tooth or said their first word. They won’t remember who their first visitors were or what their favorite toy was. They probably won’t remember how we spent our days when they were tiny. And honestly, I am not sure if I will remember much after six years of being sleep-deprived! But I am trying to preserve these fleeting memories and moments for them.


There are so many options out there for adorable baby albums, it is hard to choose one! When Autumn was born, I really wanted to find a baby album where I could put together pictures and words. I didn’t want to take zillions of photos on my phone and never or share them. While I enjoy the ease of online options of creating photo books with an app, I don’t like not being able to add text or my comments in a tangible way. I appreciate the old-school style of baby books with the handwritten word and although I had to fill out my own baby book (hi, youngest of six here!) I loved looking through my siblings’ books and the comments. There is something about reading handwriting that makes you feel closer to the person who wrote the text.


After a search, I found Artifact Uprising. They had the perfect option for me with creating a baby book that you can put images in as well as write comments!  I love their app where I can print everyday photos from my phone. And I really love that I can add in photos from our professional newborn and first year photo sessions as well that I have made on my own. Plus I can put in keepsakes too, like ultrasounds pics and their first footprints. There are envelopes included for letters to your child (I try to write my kids a letter each month in their first year and yearly on their birthday.) The book is broken down into monthly milestones, which keeps things easier for me to work on. There are prompts if you are feeling stuck about what to write. Or, if you have a ton of photos for the month, you can always just put photos over the prompts 🙂 You can add pages in as well. I have since used their baby books for all three kids and recently just started working on Willamena’s.


This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really love Artifact Uprising albums and actually enjoy creating them! And as a bonus, their customer service is amazing!


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